Key Personnel

James Seader, Director of Engineering

James Seader has been in the heating and air business for 15 years. He started working for his uncle’s business and progressed from there. He has taken many classes and is still learning new things each day. He is following in his father’s footsteps and plans to keep doing so. James got into building engineering in 2005 and started as a Chief Engineer in Greeley for a 300,000 square foot building. He decided to come downtown to take on a new challenge and looks forward to serving his tenants.

Quinn Hill, Maintenance Technician

Quinn O. Hill is an engineer who made significant contributions to the Colorado Plaza Towers with his skills in plumbing amongst other things. He has been a building engineer at 633 17th Street since 2008. Previously, Quinn was in the Plumbing Service industry for 8 years prior to coming to the Colorado Plaza Towers properties. He enjoys working with people and looks forward to helping the tenants with all of their future needs. Quinn can also be heard singing Tom Jones songs while working, as he is one of Quinn’s favorites as a fellow Welshman!

Charles Patton, Maintenance Technician

Charles Patton worked as a maintenance technician at Colorado Plaza Towers part time on and off for 6 months prior to coming on full time in 2010. He has now is a full time maintenance technician here. He comes to Toma West with 10 years of experience in preventive maintenance with Facility Logic, with 5 of the 10 years working in the HVAC department. Charles really enjoys his job especially doing repairs and maintenance. He also enjoys being on the Toma West team and assisting the tenants and their needs.

Victor Guadarrama, Maintenance Technician

Victor Guadarrama joined the Colorado Plaza Towers staff in December of 2008. At the time, he had 3 years of plumbing under his belt, as well as the drive and determination to learn all he could to become a valuable member of the engineering team. His responsibilities as part of the Toma West team consist of taking maintenance calls from the tenants, HVAC, plumbing, electricity and any other building maintenance needed for upkeep. He strives to continue learning, while completing his work in a timely manner in order to maintain a positive relationship with the tenants. He currently lives in Henderson with his wife and 2 children.

Lon French, Maintenance Technician

Lon French is originally from Grafton, North Dakota. He started his construction career in 1974, doing everything from pouring foundations to shingling roofs. The majority of Lon’s experience is in framing and carpentry. Over the last ten years, he was in North Dakota working as a commercial remodeler. When Lon moved to Colorado in 2005 he worked in apartment maintenance for several years. Then in 2007, he began his maintenance career eventually coming to Colorado Plaza Towers. Lon performs many tasks including painting, drywall repair, plumbing, electrical, operating the heating/cooling system and general maintenance. He is relatively new to HVAC work, but enjoys the challenges it brings and also finds it very rewarding. I guess the old saying is true; it’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks!