The party responsible for the leasing of the Toma West’s portfolio consists of young professionals with 5+ years experience.

Working and officing in the heart of downtown allows the leasing agents to gain direct familiarity and hands on experience with the entire Denver portfolio. This brings understanding and knowledge to the agent, which becomes instrumental in the agents’ ability to negotiate deals and know what the competition is offering. It also ensures that whatever current events and market changes are occurring, the agents are right there to witness and be a part of those changes. The Toma leasing team separates themselves from the rest, with the advantage of being located either on-site or just blocks away from any of the Toma West buildings. This enables any potential tenant the ability to see space with little to no advance notice. We live in a society that desires instant gratification, and the Toma team strives to deliver just that. The Toma West Leasing team also believes in continued follow-up to make certain that the potential tenants are taken care of with regards to having all information needed to make a decision and receiving everything and anything they might need. They are also responsible for the continuous upkeep of maintaining those relationships with the tenants, as the goal is to keep tenants for as long as possible and to ensure their happiness with our services provided.

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